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Trucking service

Star Shipping Tunisia is a leading carrier in transportation. Our experienced operations team and dedicated drivers safely haul freight throughout the Midwest.

Packing and storage

Transport began providing transportation solutions to Transport’s contract warehousing customers and expanded over time to include dedicated.

  1. Ocean freight
  2. Storage
  3. Security
  4. Air freight
  5. Warehousing
  6. Roro
  7. Air / Road


With our broad range of Ocean Freight products covering different equipment types and consolidation services, we ensure your cargo reaches the right place, at the right time in a cost-efficient way. We work with a spread of ocean carriers covering major carrier alliances with planned space protection from every major container port in the world to deliver reliability.

As a forwarder, we book your cargo, arrange pickup and delivery, and manage shipping documentation, regardless of point of destination or carrier. With decades of experience, we facilitate the entire forwarding process according to your specifications and the applicable requirements of the import and export countries.


StarShipping Tunisia’s warehousing allows us to offer our customers greater speed, efficiency and flexibility for their supply chains. Our network of warehouses, adding up to millions of square metres around the globe, means that we can offer a broad range of services with door-to-door cargo integrity.

Many of our warehouses are able to provide comprehensive pick / pack, de-stuff / palletise, bulk stack and storage services and facilities. As a result MSC will not only transport your goods quickly and safely, but we can also help play a key coordinating role in your distribution network. You get to release your goods when and how you desire.

securityProfessionally trained, licensed, bonded and insured, our standing guards offer exceptional security services to logistical services for the transportation industry including arrival/departure management, inspections, inventory control, & accurate timing and detailed record keeping.

Our logistical services include assisting in docking designation; keeping accurate timing; tracking and maintaining logs for the arrival and departure of vehicles, materials and equipment; managing shipping inventory; and conducting full inspections of all inbound and outbound trucks. As part of our truck inspections, we’ll check the driver’s name, document the front and back license plate, and ensure that no pallets or equipment are leaving that aren’t authorized. For reefer trucks, we’ll also inspect and log the refrigeration temperatures. We can even assist in fulfilling audit requirement.


Star Shipping Tunisia Could offer best services from/to worldwide , We do care about your business and shipment to deliver it Fast, Safe , and Secure to provide high quality service to all our customers. We pay our advises and assistance to our clients with all aspects of Modern airfreight forwarding consulting, including packing instructions , insurance terms , aviation security roles, hazardous goods regulations and all necessary paperwork to reach professionalism for our clients :

    Export And Import air freight shipment
    Project Cargo
    Hazards Cargos
    Valuable Shipments


Logistics outsourcing involves a relationship between our company and an LSP (logistic service provider), which, compared with basic logistics services, has more customized offerings, encompasses a broad number of service activities, is characterized by a long-term orientation, and thus has a strategic nature.

Outsourcing does not have to be complete externalization to a LSP, but can also be partial:

  A single contract for supplying a specific service on occasion
  Creation of a spin-off
  Creation of a joint venture



Roll-on/roll-off (RORO or ro-ro) ships are vessels designed to carry wheeled cargo, such as cars, trucks, semi-trailer trucks, trailers, and railroad cars, that are driven on and off the ship on their own wheels or using a platform vehicle, such as a self-propelled modular transporter. This is in contrast to lift-on/lift-off (LoLo) vessels, which use a crane to load and unload cargo.

RORO vessels have either built-in or shore-based ramps that allow the cargo to be efficiently rolled on and off the vessel when in port. While smaller ferries that operate across rivers and other short distances often have built-in ramps, the term RORO is generally reserved for large oceangoing vessels. The ramps and doors may be located in stern, bow or sides, or any combination thereof.


Star Shipping Tunisia fundamental commitment is to deliver in full and on time and our mission is to be the best provider of express transport solutions in the industry. This is the reason why our clients choose us and why we are different to other service providers.

Our service entails:

> Delivery in full- we deliver your goods together as we believe that a split delivery erodes the benefit of timeliness

> Delivery on time- your goods will arrive on time by the day we promise